Rent Supplement Forms are horcruxes

Nobody likes forms, right? Because you know you’ll mess it up in some way and then have to start over, despite being really tough questions like filling out your name and date of birth.

Plus all the rules. Maybe you don’t have a black ballpoint pen. Do you really have to fill it all out in capitals?

The rent supplement form (previously rent allowance) is the Cthulhu of all forms. A 24 page monstrosity of a thing, it simultaneously enrages and shames you.

It’s like its only purpose is to try and persuade you to get a job (you lazy waste of space), just so you don’t have to fill it out. I’ve known quite a few people who were entitled to it at one point or another, tried to fill it out then promptly shredded it up in a maniacal fit of glee, cackling heartily at the destruction of this malevolent artifact.

Filling out a form shouldn’t be this hard. I’m a literate person of at least average intelligence. There should be nothing here that stops me from completing this long slag heap of questions.

Yet every time I approached the thing, it was like I was repelled. A mental block formed between me and the page and my attention slipped off it like oil, settling on some other, more pleasant tax, like changing cat litter.

I’ve thought about this for a while, looked at the problem from many angles and can come up with only one logical solution; the Rent Supplement form is pure dark magic and may, in fact, be a horcrux.

You know it makes sense

Now that is satisfying

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