Your rules are arbitrary and stupid

It baffles me that certain members of the social welfare sector have not managed to get their head around the concept of Jobbridge, despite being part of the system that fucking invented it.

I feel most of the time I’m simply repeating myself slowly and loudly, using large, redundant hand gestures in an effort to explain that I actually work full-time hours and therefore will not be available at any point in your working day to cross-examine me as I too shall be working. Any attempt at such an explanation is treated solely with suspicion. What do you mean you work?

Once the saga of the Rent Supplement horcrux was over and deposited back into the hell from whence it came, I got a call from the Community Welfare Officer.

CWO: Do you know you’re meant to come in in person to apply for this?

Me: Well, no. It doesn’t say it anywhere on the form. I also work fulltime.

CWO: Do you? How was I supposed to know that?

Me: It says so. Right there on that form in front of you.

CWO: Oh I didn’t read it. I just rang you to tell you that you have to come into office. You’ve also got the wrong office. In fact, I wouldn’t have rang you at all if that wasn’t the case, I’d just have sent it back to you. Without reading it.

I kid you fucking not.

It does bring up a wider problem, and not one that just involves ragging on public servants, as enjoyable as it is. The welfare system is not actually equipped to deal with the free-work scheme they cooked up. I work full-time hours, it’s more than a little unfair for me to take a holiday so I can hand-deliver a form to an office nearly an hour’s walk from my house. I’m in an internship where I’m trying to impress my employers, coming into work late, even if it’s prearranged, is not the impression I want to give. My manager is absolutely understanding but many others surely aren’t.

Is it that difficult to provide for the thousands of people working in a scheme that you created? You made the rules, now you need to bend them, starting with at least allowing us to post in the forms you want, since you don’t accept online applications (you are also the mortal enemies of trees, but that’s a point for another day).

That being said, shout out to Cara in the Churchfield Welfare Office who, when my form finally got to her, was SOUND.

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